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We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Includes set up, heating and service of the menu items


Let us bring delicious food to you


Choose menu items from a list of our absolute favs to create your own menu

What We Offer

Full Service

Includes set up, heating and service of the menu items.

1. Plated-dishes served by wait staff, more visually impressive.
2. Buffet- guests stand in line and receive food cafeteria style.
3. Cocktail Reception- hors d’oeuvres passed by wait staff throughout event.
4 .Supper Clubs-you invite your guests, we bring everything, you enjoy ( 20 guests and under).

Drop Off Service

We bring the food to you and leave it, a delivery fee will apply. We are not responsible for heating, serving, or counts. Pan serving sizes are estimates based on standard serving sizes per person.

1. By the pan:Foil pans with desired menu item.
a. Full Pans
b. Half Pans

2. Petit Packaged Lunch: Sack or boxed lunches pre packaged, all you do is set up and serve.

Custom Menu

Curated Menu: A menu we design especially for you with you, to fit your event’s needs and any special requests or restrictions.

Your Menu: A menu of your own design with little to no input from us.